Name: Version 1; Minted Roses
Date: February 2009
Fonts Used: Anja Eliane, Century Gothic, Verdana
Resources: Photo by TouTouke.

The very first layout for I started out on a layout for this new space almost two years after designing my last website. I was so rusty I had to refer constantly online for HTML and CSS codes, and I threw out two other layouts before I settled on this one. I hope to get better as I gain more practice!

This colorway is inspired by a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright print, called Sweety Gingham in mint.

Pressed flowers: current
Name: pressed flowers v1; faded memories
Date: February 2009
Fonts Used: Kunstler Script, Garamond, Century Gothic, Verdana
Resources: Brushes and textures by colorfilter. Rose lineart by weirdvis on

The first layout for the layout archive - Pressed Flowers. The colour palette turned out in a completely different way from what I originally intended/expected, but I think the muted, dry colours suit the concept well.

Pressed Flowers and the Mint Roses Collective © Alanna 2009